RACH DOBZ ART, how it all began...
In the first few moments of January 2012 which should have been a bright start to the New year my much loved brother in law Rem was losing his brave and harrowing fight against depression.

Spotty dog available in print..

When your world stands still, as it did for myself and my family - what do you do next ?

We are all dealing with Rem's suicide in different ways but my saviour came in the form of Sam Fitzgerald a friend who decided to organize an Art therapy night. You should try it..

This amazing evening sparked the passion for art which I now have and I hope I can portray this within my paintings, I am now a hobby artist.


At least 1/3rd of sales from my paintings sold will go towards www.maytree.org.uk to help those in suicidal crisis.

The Maytree charity Tally to date is £1'562.75 :)xx Thanks


A pair of Flamingo's

Proffessor Greens 'Arthur'

Spot and Pippin

Triumph and Cody
Rusty Bug !!

Commissions undertaken...

Email OR facebook message me an image or tell me about a subject you want painting and a size and i will send you a quote.

Email rachel@dobbsleathers.co.uk

watercolour pastels

Mobile 07733 484000


rachart@dobbsleathers.co.uk OR


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 The fabulous Buckley

The lovely Ruby doo x 

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