This artwork is all based on a vintage theme using a variety of mediums. My base is generally acrylic abstract style artwork with decoupage and ink stamps then applied.
Mini snowmen Framed 10 x 11 cm £8.50 each SOLD but more for christmas.
Framed 27 x 23 cm £22.50
Framed 22 x 17.5cm £20.00
Framed 18 x 23 cm £20.00
Framed 20 x 15cm £20.00
Larger fish painting decoupage/acrylic framed 20 x 15cm £20.00

Pair Small fish paintings framed (hooked) acrylic/decoupage £20.00
Hooked..15 x 20 cm £17.50 recycled frame -
Sold but similar paintings available.
Poppy field Vintage art acrylic painting with ink stamp print
Framed size 10 x 15 cm - £17.50

Love letter heart art acrylic with ink stamp print framed 15.5 x 12 cm £19.50
Coliseum Vintage artwork 

Acrylic painting with ink stamp

Framed size 10 x 11 cm £8.50
OR £17.00 for the pair

Black frame also available.