I help lead a Brownie pack which I have done for many years , I started as a helper when Cheska was a  brownie ..the girls have long since finished but I enjoy it. So apart from the craft and drawing I do with them, I hadn't done any painting since college. That was until my Art Therapy night.  

I did a 4 year course at Nene College in the 80's doing fashion and design, my family background is in boot and shoe so leather was the way forward. On graduating from college I became self employed as Dobz Designer Leathers, making one off items of clothing. I later joined and took over the family business Dobbs leathers merging both fashion and motorcycle clothing and in more recent years working mainly in leather repairs and alterations.

I tend to start just with a pencil drawing giving an outline of what im about to draw, the colour generally starts as pastel or sometimes a bit of paint ,brushed on to get rid of any white canvas board then I add the acrylic's ..my main method of applying the paint is a kebab stick. I tend to paint from photo's that I have loaded onto my laptop.
Rach x


 Our fabulous Rem xx